KSCN Mission & Aims

The Kashmir Solidarity Committee NL has been founded after India’s
abolishing article 370, 35A (that was a little right to self determination).
What means that the entire state is under curfew and isolated for the world.
Life of people in Kashmir is living in a hell!
The UN Report on Kashmir recognizes gross human rights violations, including killings,
torture, rape and gang rape, excessive use of force, illegal draconian laws, enforced
disappearances, use of pellet-firing shut guns, arbitrary arrests and detention
including minors.
Reasons enough to be solidary with the justified struggle of the people of
Kashmir against occupation and for their right for self determination. 
Our aim is to raise awareness about what is happening in Kashmir and to
 organize concrete solidarity. From press releases, petitions, meetings, conferences
 to actions, demonstrations. And to organize solidarity European wide.